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What do you think about all the people who don’t understand feminism? Especially the women who supposedly “are against feminism because they don’t hate men”? Should we argue or is it a lost cause?

No, we shouldn’t argue. We should teach. We should enlighten. We should in the friendliest of…

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Norwegian conceptual artist Rune Guneriussen explores a fascinating balance of human culture and nature with his outdoor installations of electric lamps, stacked books, chairs, and phones that appear to have gathered in small herds and swarms as if suddenly sentient. Each work is assembled and photographed on-site without any digital intervention in various rural locations around Norway.

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Chris Pratt interrupts the interview to french braid intern’s hair x

Heart eyes.

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Alphonse Mucha - Solitude


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Bought some floral overalls today so I guess thats where I’m at in my life as a 24 year old adult woman.

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Jack White performs ‘Love Interruption’ with Alison Mosshart in Dublin 6.26.2014 (x)

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“The Daily Show” Takes On The Double Standards In Combating College Sexual Assault

Daily Show correspondents Jessica Williams and Jordan Klepper break down the different types of advice given to men and women about staying safe and avoiding sexual assault on college campuses.

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Members of Congress are living off food stamps for a week to protest Republican cuts. It’s a challenge for them, but GOP cuts would hurt millions of everyday Americans

Why does this not have more publicity. This needs it!

I want a reality tv show where politicians have to live in poverty for a month. They have to live in Government housing, shop with food stamps, and get only a limited amount of money for clothes. Because here, they still have all their trappings, lilke nice cars and thousand dollar suits. I want them in Walmart jeans trying to determine if they can afford a carton of milk.